Planet Cazmo News Center!

13 Mar

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Juice Cart!

13 Jul

Juice Cart:

Cazmo’s can now drink Juices out of a brand new Juice Cart on the Teen Choice Awards Tile! Cool off with a juice, invite your friends and enjoy the fun that Planet Cazmo has brought to you.
Juice Cart

New Cazmo Partners!

4 Jun

Just Jared:

Planet Cazmo has 2 brand new partners! And one of them is… Just Jared Jr.! And there’s also a brand new room called, “Just Jared Dance Club!” To go to the, “Just Jared Dance Club,” just click on the Newspaper, and then on the Just Jared Dance Club picture!

Update: To got to the, “Just Jared Dance Club” just click where it says Dance Club on the map.
Jr. Just Jared Dance Club

Primary Games:

And the last partner is… Primary Games! Go check the Primary Games Beach Party on the Newspaper!

Update: To go to the Primary Games Area, Just go to the Beach and click where it says Featured Area.
Primary Games Beach Party

St. Patrick’s Day!

13 Mar

St. Patricks Day:

Planet Cazmo has new decorations on the Town Square, and are here to celebrate St. Patricks Day!
St. Patrick's Day


Also, Planet Cazmo added 2 new multiplayer games! Go check them out! Ps: They are at the Caz Rox Cafe, and The Skate Park.:
Caz Rox Cafe

Skate Park

Ice Skates!

24 Jan

Ice Skates:

Ice Skates are finally here! And the Lake Cazmo is Frozen. Go talk to Gus The Gator to buy some Ice Skates. Two of them are for members only (600 Coins), and the rest are for cazmo cash (25 cc). So hurry up, before the Lake Cazmo gets unfrozen! Also, Gus Gator is selling two new winter coats at the Winter Store. Both of them for 30 Cazmo Cash.


Skates and Coats

New Action:

When you buy some Ice Skate, You can do a new action called, “Skate Twirl.”

Skate Twirl

Upcoming Events:

Now you can see who’s having a party. Just click on the, “What’s Cool!” Button, and then on, “Event List!”

Upcoming Events

Reindeer Pets!

23 Dec

Reindeer Pets:

There’s 3 New kinds of reindeers at the Pet Shop! And all 3 of them are for 40 Cazmo Cash! Here’s a Picture of the Rainbow Reindeer.
Rainbow Reindeer

New Items!

21 Dec

Season & Music:

There are lots of new items to decorate your house! For the outside, there are tons of Christmas stuff, Including the Fountain from Town Square! And on the Inside, You can buy all sort of Instruments and carry them with you!